High viscosity polyvinyl butyral (PVB) resin products

The full name of PVB is polyvinyl butyral, abbreviated as PVB resin. PVB molecules contain long branched chains, which have good flexibility, excellent transparency, strong adhesion, good light resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, water resistance, film-forming, solubility, miscibility, high tensile strength and impact resistance etc. Now PVB resin could be divided into two kinds according to the relative molecular weight, i.e. high viscosity type and low viscosity type, in which high viscosity PVB resin is mainly used in the laminated safety glass. Besides, sometimes PVB resin exists in the form of polymer solution, which is widely used for coatings, adhesives, ceramic color film, vacuum aluminum foil, electrical materials, glass steel products, fabric treatment agent, engineering plastics and other fields; and it is a kind of synthetic resin material with a broad prospect for application.