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The QC department is in charge of PVB film testing, ensuring Meibang PVB film to meet the International Safety Glass Standard. To demonstrate PVB performance including optical characteristic and durability, the data reaches up to 20 testing items. 

PVB film test items

Size and performance of the PVB film has direct influence on lamination. Therefore, we do many test  to ensure successful use. 

Punching test

Purpose: testing on adhesion

Procedure: put the illuminated glass under -20 degree centigrade, then crash the glass by hitting it.

Frequency: Once every 3 hours

Moisture test

Purpose: check the water content rate, in order to keep strong adhesion.

 Procedure: by using on-line and off-line water rate meter

Frequency: 1 time per roll

Roughness test

Purpose: check on the line of PVB surface

Procedure: testing with the imported roughness meter

Frequency: 1 time per roll

Tensile strength

Purpose: estimate the penetration resistance when PVB film is impacted.

Procedure: using the extensograph to test the breaking point of PVB

Test frequency: once per batch

Glass mechanical testing.

PVB intermediate film will affect the security performance on glass. PVB film should meet the standard as guaranteed. We are strictly sticking to international standard to test every batch of PVB film

Anti-penetration test

Purpose: test the performance of penetration resistance

Procedure: the steel ball falls at the height of 4 meter and impact the laminated glass, but cannot penetrate the tester.

Frequency: once on every batch.

Head model test.

Purpose: to simulate protection provided to the driver and passengers by the automotive glass when the traffic accident occurred.

Procedure: the head model impacts the glass at the height of 1.5meter, no penetration into the glass occurs.

Frequency: 1 time for each batch.

Shot-bag test

Purpose: to test the impact resistance on the architectural laminated glass.

Procedure: headform falls at the height of 450mm,750mm and 1200mm to impact the glass, no penetration occurs.

Frequency: once per batch.

Glass durability test

Laminated glass is long-term outdoor device. Bubbles are not allowed to come out in the long-run use.

Resistance-to-bake test.

Purpose: test the remaining air content within the laminated glass, in case the bubbles come up after pressure.

Procedure: Put the glass into oven for 2 hours at 130 degree centigrade to check.

Frequency: once every day.

Resistance-to-boil test

Purpose: testing the laminated glass whether its water content exceeds the standard.

Procedure: Put the glass into oven for 2 hours at 100 degree centigrade to check.

Frequency: once every day.

Resistance-to-radiation test.

Purpose: to test what it is like when the PVB film is exposed to the sun in a long period.

Procedure: put the glass into the radiation box for 14 days to check out whether there is problem.

Frequency: once per batch.

Optical test

Factors like light transmittance, haze and yellowing index influence largely on the optical function of PVB. The merit of Meibang PVB film is its excellent optical performance, which makes the laminated glass crystal and bright. Test of each PVB film guarantee the optical quality.