MeiBang was established in 2008 which is devoted to R&D, Production and sales of PVB resin powder and PVB interlayer film. Now MeiBang factory is around 70,000m2 with more than 100 employees. Our annual output for PVB film is more than 1,000 tons and for resin powder is 8,000 tons.

Our PVB Films are mainly for superior buildings, automobile, and photovoltaic and MB-SGP.

The exchange capacity is an important index of the performance of ion exchange resin. The larger the exchange rate is, the more ions can be adsorbed by the resin of the same volume, and the larger the water yield in an exchange cycle.

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Meibang resin production enterprise returned to work after the Spring Festival, the production workshop is busy. Wan Ruijian walked into the factory and looked at the products, talked with the person in charge of the enterprise, visited the front-line production staff cordially, understood in detail the production operation, market sales and other situations of the enterprise after the festival. Wan Ruijian affirmed that the enterprise would return to work and production in time after the Spring Festival, and encouraged the enterprise to make full use of its power and expand its production.

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On November 18, 2017, the new factory of Anhui MEIBANG Resin Technology Co., Ltd. in Dingyuan Salt Chemical Industrial Park of Chuzhou was officially started, and relevant leaders at all levels of provinces, cities and counties attended the commencement ceremony.

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On December 16, 2017, the Secretary of Anhui provincial Party committee, accompanied by relevant leaders of the county and city, inspected Anhui MEIBANG Resin Technology Co., Ltd. and gave important instructions.

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