Bullet proof PVB intermediate membrane

The lamination of float glass and PVB intermediate film the method is that the multilayer float glass is bonded with polyvinyl formal intermediate film and treated with high temperature and pressure to make them become a transparent whole, forming a bulletproof glass. The bulletproof glass produced by this method is also called PVB laminated bulletproof glass. Because the optical properties of float glass are very good, and the plasticity of PVB film is also very good. The organic combination of the two makes the optical properties of the whole glass very excellent, and shows good impact resistance. The advantages of this bulletproof glass are good environmental stability, not easy to aging, long life, low cost and easy maintenance; the disadvantages are large volume and mass, It is suitable for installation in fixed places, which is also the reason that most bank counters use this bulletproof glass.

Characteristics of bullet proof and anti-theft glass:

The adhesive strength of glass and PVB is particularly high, and the safety and protection performance is particularly good. It can block the chopping, axe and hammer and shooting of mob, effectively protect the safety of personnel and valuables. The product has high transparency, good optical performance, and excellent performance of laminated glass. According to the national standard, the bulletproof performance of bulletproof glass can be divided into three categories: l, m and H. The bulletproof glass of the same category can be divided into f64, f54, F79, f56 and fj79 according to the bullet proof capability of the firearms. The grade and category of bulletproof glass can be indicated in the product mark.


L-type bullet proof glass: it can prevent bullet penetration, and the splashes on the back of the impacted glass shall not penetrate the bullet proof glass of the test card.

Bullet proof glass of class M: it can prevent bullet penetration. There are splashes on the back of the impacted glass, but the splashes shall not be embedded in the bullet proof glass of the test card.

Bullet proof glass of class H: bullet proof glass that can prevent bullet penetration and has no debris peeling on the back of the impacted glass.

F64 level can prevent 64 type 7.62mm******

F54 energy proof 54 Type 7.62mm******

F79 class anti-79 type 7.62mm light submachine gun

F56 type 7.62mm submachine gun

Fj79 can prevent 79 type 7.62mm block******

Product specifications

Thickness (m m): 0.76/1.14/1.52 length (m): 200 / 150 / 100

Width (mm): 650 750 850 950 1000 1050 1150 1250 1350 1450 1550 1650 1750 1850 1950 2050 2140 2250 2350 2440 2500 2800 3000

Special specification can be customized